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        互諾科技:2020-03-25 14:01     閱讀數:       標簽:醫學檢驗及病理診斷網站建設
              Guangzhou KingMed Diagnostics Group Co., Ltd. (KingMed Diagnostics, SSE 603882), established in 2003, is regarded as the pioneer and leader of the Independent Clinical Laboratories (ICL) industry in China.
               KingMed is the first ICL with both CAP and ISO15189 accreditation in China. By following the international quality standards and independent innovation, KingMed provides more than 2,600 tests for clinical and scientific research purposes, which represents one of the most comprehensive and integrated test menu in China. Its lab testing reports are accepted by more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.
                So far, KingMed has 37 laboratories set up in mainland of China and Hong Kong,covering 90% of the Chinese population. KingMed is now providing medical testing services for more than 22,000 medical institutions, with an annual specimen amount of over 60 million.
                KingMed has built the first Telepathology Network and Pathologist Group in China, which consists of more than 600 domestic and foreign pathologists. It provides a vital solution to the lack of pathological resources nation-wide, facilitates the implementation of an advanced and hierarchical medical system in China, and further promotes the realization of an equitable primary health care system.
                Relying on its extensive service network, excellent diagnostic capacity and accumulated huge amount of data, KingMed has put forward a "Diagnostics +" strategy, and is devoting great efforts to create a Diagnostic Ecosystem by broadening its service areas, such as In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) , Healthcare Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Forensic Testing, Clinical Trials with CRO, Physical Examination, Food and Hygiene Testing, Cold-Chain Logistics, etc.
                KingMed has a high quality and international talent team specialized in research and development. By bringing well-known experts and academic leaders together from home and abroad, this team has strong R&D capacity in line with the cutting-edge international technology in medical testing.
                By providing diagnostic services with social responsibility, and by protecting Chinese people’s health with great benevolence, KingMed Diagnostics will always be devoted to support the "Healthy China Dream" with practical endeavors.


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